Hare leaps Tortoise

Sometimes stories don’t get a proper ending,

Or rather, you think you know the ending … but do you really?

Case in point is the Tortoise and the Hare.

The Hare (rainfall) sprints off to an early – seemingly insurmountable – lead, then (at a high-water mark of overconfidence, say, at the end of the wet season in October) falls asleep only to have his lead slowly eroded and finally erased by the steady pace of the Tortoise (evaporation), who, from that point forward, widens a lead to the finish line (in late spring at the end of the dry season).

End of story … right?

When it comes to Mother Goose, the answer is “yes,”

But if in fact we are talking about the water cycle (and I think we are), the answer is a decisive “no!

You see, in the water cycle, since there is no finish line,

The Hare reawakens with the return of the summer rains.

That’s when the Hare jumps over the Tortoise!

(Talk about a surprise ending for the reader, a comeuppance for the Tortoise, and a new moral to the story – “never count the water cycle out!”)

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