Haunted hike?

Some trails are better walked in broad daylight.

Day: Strangler fig wrapped around a cypress.

Night: Hand of a giant ghoul squeezing an unsuspecting hiker.

Day: As scary as this tree is in broad daylight I don’t even want to think about what it looks like at night.

Night: See Day.

Day: Spiderwebs inconspicuously placed along the side of the trail.

Night: Giant banana spiders spin webs face high across middle of boardwalk.

Day: Do you see the shadows of giant cypress in the photo? They’re the Ghost Trees of the Fakahatchee Past which, clear cut and logged in the 1940s, reappear at the marsh every Halloween for a swamp reunion. Apparently some get there early thus explaining the shadows.

Night: How would I know? I high tailed it out of there while the sun was still up!

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