“Have to be there” plant

I’m not much of a wildlife photographer,

But I am pretty good at photographing plants.

Muhly grass is unremarkable
when looked at facing
away from the sun.

I attribute that to the fact that they stay still …

And don’t scare away when I approach them.

Why is it then I have such a touch time with muhly grass?

For one, it never stays still. It twists, turns, flutters and bends at the slightest of wind. And whole fields of it. And it isn’t until the sun is sinking down at an angle and you are staring straight at it that it lights up with a purple phosphorescence that catches the eye. But if you blink its gone: it’s season is short … just a few weeks in fall.

But turn around
and the whole prairie
lights up!

(This photograph not withstanding.)

As much as I’d like to take a good photo:

This is a plant that defies my grasp.

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