“Hay fever” country?

Is “hay fever” everywhere?

After five days in Maryland – that’s where I grew up – my sinuses started to flare (ever slightly so). They say that sensitivity to poison ivy increases with exposure:

Does that mean our sensitivity to pollens also increase the longer we stay in a single place?

Or do we become immune over time instead?

The day I arrived in Belgium I was briefly overwhelmed with a maddening fit of sneezing …

Then a day later it was fine.

Upon looking out my Belgian window (where we are staying), I was momentarily mystified to see what I at first mistook to be a light drizzle, but seeing no rain worthy clouds in the sky or feeling no moisture on the ground I was suddenly struck with sense that I was starring what is normally invisible – dare I say a ghost – square in the face: Pollen (and lots of it) …

But not sneezing.

Even when you can see it (and I mean “stacks” of it), hay fever is a mystery:

When it strikes, who it gets, or when it will go away.

It’s sort of nowhere and everywhere at the same time.

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