He who counts drops

Water is delivered by rain which falls as drops that we measure in inches,

All the while consumed by the thought that –

“Every drop counts.”

But do they really? Every one?

– And if so, then how much?

Drops come in a range of sizes (especially the ones delivered “freshly thawed” having just previously been hail),

For arguments sake,

Let’s assume the laboratory standard of 20 drips of the drop per milliliter, kerplunking into a 42.5 gallon barrel every second.

That will give you a gallon of water by the end of the day…

And 10 barrels over the course of the year.

That means that single drop adds up to 4 barrels more than my annual intake of drinking water.

(I go through about 6 barrels per year, or a little less than 3 quarts per day).

Thus, to answer the question:

“Yes, every drop counts!”

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