Heat wave (as normal)

Florida is in the grips of a heat wave.

I know what you’re thinking – “it’s summer, in Florida … of course it’s a heat wave!”

But the past few days have been hot even by Florida standards:

Miami teetered in the high nineties, unusual for a city where – like clockwork – summer highs stay in the low 90s.

Tallahassee broke above the 100º F mark.

To the uninitiated, that may seem reversed. Shouldn’t Miami be hottest since it’s farther south?

Add another to the list of Florida’s “seemingly strange (but explainable)” weather peculiarities.

Florida isn’t as homogenous as the “out of staters” would lead you to believe.

Although, yes, in summertime, it’s always hot in Florida.

We don’t need a heat wave to tell us that!

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