Henderson Creek

The recent storm momentarily turned Henderson back into a roaring creek, at least at the tailwater pool of the structure.

What’s interesting is that water is flowing in from all directions; from both Henderson Creek Canal — over its spillway and through its gate, and also from the Tamiami Trail Canal, especially from the east.

That makes me wonder if and how flows can be monitored during such an event. My understanding is that the rating curves are based on flow going over the spillway and gate.

But I may be wrong: I’ll have to double check with collegues on that.

And as for the bubbles. That’s from all the turbulence churning up the water, probably not unlike what you see at the seashore. But the presence of bubbles, especially ones that hang around, is also an artifact of the chemical composition of the water. I’ll have to do some more research on that too.

This video — or at least the version I uploaded — is a little grainy, and I was hoping to put a more thorough video together on it to show the water from all angles, but this will do for now. I shot it on Friday.

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