Here's a follow-up email I received from a reg…

Here's a follow-up email I received from a regional meteorologist:

"Here's how I explain the oft confusing beginning and ending of wet season topic to the south Florida media.

Our hydrologic wet season (June-October) is a combination of 3 overlapping sub-seasons:

1)Daily seabreeze season runs from about mid-May to early October… and it ended a little early this year.

2) Peak tropical season (including the 2 events this month) runs from about late August through late October. October is probably our most critical rainfall month of the year. October taxes our flood control system when it rains heavily, and exacerbates subsequent water shortages when it is dry…like last year.

3) Hurricane season runs the longest and always strays into the early part of the dry season. This distinction usually manifests itself only when we get hit with a November storm…like TS Gordon in 1994 and TS Mitch in 1998."

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