Hi Robert, Thanks for stopping by my neck of the w…

Hi Robert, Thanks for stopping by my neck of the woods. I have been to your site before. And read a bit. I love the swamp photos. I know your job deals with the water. But what do you do? Check for pollutants monitor changes or ?
I have been researching water purification for a bit this year to find ways to clear our water to make it healthy and safe I bought an electronic device and installed it on the incoming line it puts a small electric currant into the water. And believe it or not. I now see a difference. My dishes and cloths are coming clean. I did not was to use a salt softener. Now I have a whole house filter to install. And a device for drinking water. I was so shocked when we moved her to the country to find city water come from underground streams and rivers. Only fluoride is added. There was a pamphlet at city hall that listed we had low or safe levels of lots of pollutants. So this woke me up to learning more about water.

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