Hi Robert:

I wish the lake did Fluctuate by…

Hi Robert:

I wish the lake did Fluctuate by its own accord, but our Army Corps of Engineers want to keep the lake at 12 1/2 ft. to protect the integrity of the dike.

see: http://www.wptv.com/content/tcoast/story/Lake-O-releases-to-go-on/DMPG8i5WFEK2vAouwTHk0g.cspx

Its funny to me that we have not thrown more $$$’s at fixing the dike, and if our tax dollars go to re-connect Lake O with the Southern part of the Glades by purchasing US Sugar then the Dike should also be repaired. The lake will only be as full as a large rain for a short period then always dumped by the Corps into the St.Lucie or the Caloosahatchee River. That is not fair to the Lake, to the Rivers, to the ocean to the tax payers.

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