High or normal?
It depends on your baseline

Discharge from Silver Spring …

Appears to have risen in recent years.

Animated chart showing current year discharge rates compared to the recent (post 1993) and distant (pre 1993) past

But that’s only the case if you compare what you see now to what we’ve seen in the past thirty years, i.e. the recent past. I like to say that everyone has a “born on date” for understanding places. The Big Cypress Swamp for example was born five to six thousand years ago, but I didn’t arrive until 1998. So for me, in a way that was my personal “born on” date. The only change I know is what’s happened after I arrived.

So yes, Silver Spring has been flowing bountifully this past month and year compared to the recent past. But a deeper look at the historic record shows that today’s same “high” discharge rate is actually just “normal” compared to the sixty year span from 1932 to 1992.

Thus the question: Can Silver Spring’s past glory be reclaimed? And if so, how? The first step is protecting what we have.

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