Higher but “still low”

Lake O is up 2 feet from July a year ago …

But historically-speaking, that makes it still “pretty low.”

Can you see the height of the pre-drainage Lake?
Hint: It’s off the chart.

Usually this time of year the Lake is hovering closer to 14 ft above sea level, or at least that’s what my analysis of the twenty-year statistics says. The dotted white line represents the 20-year median stage and shades of darkness and light indicate the percentiles of occurrence (based on the historical record) for each month. The color coding highlights key vertical elevation markers for the Lake, i.e. littoral zone, base of perimeter levee, regulatory zones, pre-drainage overflow level.

But forget about the 20-year historic record.

Current stage is 12 feet lower than it was 150 years ago.

That was prior to land subsidence and the perimeter levee when the Okeechobee free-flowed south into the Everglades.

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