Holiday guide to your rainy season

Major summer holidays partition the wet season into convenient thirds:

  • Memorial Day to Fourth of July
  • Fourth of July to Labor Day
  • Labor Day to Nov 1st
This year’s wet season is off to a fast start,
but it still has a long way to go.

The first third can be exciting because of lingering instability in the upper atmosphere.  That can fuel some of our biggest sea breeze fed storms.  Then comes the middle third of steady trade winds setting a predictable pattern of regular (if not regionally robust) afternoon storms.  Finally in the last third is the increased chance of tropical storms.  They can make or break the end of the wet season — emphasis on break, i.e. those storms can be strong.  If any one of those periods falter it puts pressure on the other two thirds to make up the rest.

Big Cypress Nat’l Preserve averages about 42 inches of rain in the six-month May-to-October summer rainy season span.

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