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And welcome to Go Hydrology where the water cycle’s always spinning and visitors are always welcome. Our goal: To help you feel “at home” and “more connected” to the water.

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Go Hydrology’s Main Pages

More than a single blog, Go Hydrology is organized like a newspaper, with several pages. They include: main water cycle, weekly water quiz, water types, seasonal shifts, watersheds, water data, a bookshelf, a podcast, must-see cinema, an after hours campfire, and more.

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Welcome Videos

Here at Go Hydrology, we didn’t so much “reinvent the water cycle” as we gave it a reboot for our modern times. Our goal? To resuscitate new life into the water cycle, and bring the water to you.

As for what we discuss: You can search by watershed, as shown below …

The Watersheds:

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Or choose by Go Hydrology’s growing list of future-award winning products (cheatsheets, watersh-editorials, water songs, photo gallery and more), as shown below.

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Otherwise, welcome and enjoy!

The Cheatsheets (i.e. study guides)

Why collect data if you can’t see it? At Go Hydrology, we like to overshare!

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Pick a cheatsheet

The Water Cycle

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More Water Cycle

product blog
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Water and nature go hand in hand, it’s called ecohydrology

Recent Topics


Join podcast host Guitar (yes, that’s right — a talking guitar) at Firelight Radio where he hosts quality conversations on water and other nature topics.

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Listen to an episode


swamp dictionary

Learn a new water word and use it in a sentence, and also tell a friend.

Recent terms


What is a watersh-editorial? It’s where we give water a voice to clear up a misconception or get something right.

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Water getting speechy


animation switch short

Climate is the new weather and weather is the new spectator sport.

Latest forecasts


Rediscover your bookshelf!

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Browse our bookshelf to find a good water read. It’s a good way to sharpen your water saw.


Puzzlers abound in the swamp, and some of them aren’t solvable. Or are they?

Recent water mysteries


product movies

Lights, camera, water! These movies won’t be winning an Oscar anytime soon, but they are narrated and do feature some pretty fine guitar strumming.

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Water Control

We broke it, now we own it. But can we fix it? Hydrologic restoration is a worthy cause!

Recent Highlights

Water Songs

bobby angel

Join swamp legend Bobby Angel as he helps restore our waters one song and one campfire concert at a time.

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Studio Songs

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Campfire Concerts

Hydrologic Holidays


What is a hydrologic holiday? It’s how we celebrate water throughout the calendar year.

Recent Holidays

Campfire Tales

Water never sleeps, nor do water enthusiasts, at least not at first. That’s when we gather around the campfire to talk water.

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Recent campfire talks

Ghosts of Watersheds Past

ghost of watersheds

History isn’t lost the past, or stuck in books, its all around us, active and alive.

Recent sightings

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