Hoover stage

Here’s a quick peak back in time at historic stages behind Hoover Dam (Lake Mead) and Herbert Hoover Dike (Lake Okeechobee).

Our Lake Okeechobee is in the middle of a 2-year drought, but at an all-time December low. Its all-time all-time low was back at the end of June, when it dropped to 8.8 ft msl. You can also see in the 50 year prior to 2000, Lake stage only briefly blipped below the 10 ft stage level. In the 7 years since 2000, the Lake has dropped deep a foot below 10 ft on two separate occasions.

Compare that to Hoover Dam’s Lake Meade. It’s as the bottom of what has been a 9-year drought event that has dropped the reservoir about a hundred feet below its late 1990s perch. Lake Mead’s stage has rebounded around 2 feet over the past several weeks, but that’s a blip in the radar for Lake Mead. You have to go all the way back to the 1960s to find a similarly low stage. That coincides with completion of upstream Glen Canyon Dam which started backing up waters to fill Lake Powell.

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