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The “rainy” dry season continues …

Exactly how wet it’s been depends on where you live.

Coastal Broward has been the rainiest – tallying 19 inches of rain since the start of the dry season in November.

(The south Florida wide average is 13 inches.)

Broward topped the charts in November with 4 inches.

And took December (6.2 inches) too.

January belonged to Naples/Ft Myers and Upper Kissimmee (2.3 inches),

But February went back to Broward (4.6 inches) with Miami (4.3 inches) not far behind.

March (at its midpoint) has been all Palm Beach (5.3 inches) …

Although I’m skeptical how accurately rain gages can count torrents of wind-blown drops “falling” 100 percent sideways (see above video, filmed in Ochopee last Friday).

Below is a rainfall summary for all of south Florida. (Please click for a clearer view.)

Thanks to the South Florida Water Management District (weather) for making this information available.

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