How To: Measure Drought
Using the Kitchen Sink approach

We know a drought when we see it …

Explaining it in all its details is another thing.

Figure 1: United States Drought Monitoring Report
Notes: Preserve is driest part of state
Figure 2: Soil Moisture by Rx Unit Maps
Notes: The Preserve is poised to turn all orange and red in the weeks ahead
Figure 3: Preserve-wide Drought History 
Notes: Good comparsion of previous years and dry season remaining
Figure 4: KBDI Chart for Collier County
Notes: Shows ramp of of KBDI since start of calendar year
Figure 5: Preserve Wide Water Depth Hydrograph
Notes: Shows water depths are approaching zero in the domes
Figure 6: Monthly Rainfall Chart
Notes: Subpar rain since the Calendar Year
Figure 7: Cross section showing this year’s water table (blue line) relative to past wildfire years
Notes: The blue dot was the Turner River Wildfire.  We’ve dropped a foot since.  The salsa bowls are going dry!

That’s where the kitchen sink approach comes in!

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