How to: Riding a water cycle

The water cycle gets its name because water is in continual motion,

Not because it’s a giant bike in the sky.

The water cycle is not just rain

Of course the water cycle includes the sky, but it just as much includes the land too, or as is the case in south Florida the half land and half water and now half converted away into real estate and agriculture better known as the greater Everglades. And don’t forget that stuff you can’t see in the aquifer below. Water moves there too, only very slowly – even slower than the swamp.

But the water cycle doesn’t stop there.

It includes water supply, irrigation, wastewater releases, flood control releases plus those inexplicable but hard to deny realms of hydrologic antimatter:

Evaporation, Transpiration and Conservation.

A more accurate model of hydrologic cycle includes
water in all its forms plus human uses

I like to think of every watershed as having a water cycle of its very own that we, collectively, are confronted with the challenge of learning to pedal, keeping it balanced and somehow manage not to crash.

Two of life’s unsung pleasures are riding a bike and staying in tune with our waters. Combined together they are almost as fun as riding a giant bike in the clouds.

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