Humid enough to fry an egg?

What temperature does Florida turn hot?

The answer to that lies beyond decimal degrees.

Could south Florida’s high humidity
be less hot than Arizona’s drier air?

“It’s not the heat, but the humidity,” could be Florida’s state motto.

Ever notice how boastful Arizonans are of their number of above a hundred degree days, yet how quick they are to crumble when cornered with preference to “a dry heat to high humidity” of back out East?

In my Tucson days I met a couple of native Arizonans who’d never been east of the Mississippi, and equally proudly so. “How do you even breathe out there on the East Coast?” They wanted to know. They envisioned it as so overpopulated and polluted that, by default, to them there couldn’t be any natural spaces left to roam …

End of argument, case closed.

They of course had never felt a sea breeze,

But even that is missing the point.

The swamp’s Tamiami Trail rivals
the desolate feel of a western desert road

My response to them today would be simple:

“If you can’t hack the humidity, stay out of the swamp,”

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