Hurricane season begins

Here’s another historical calendar.

This one shows hurricanes that made Florida landfall since 1900.
It’s color coded according to storm intensity: the inside dot shows its intensity when it made Florida landfall and the outside dot shows its maximum strength at its peak.
What’s the earliest “hurricane strength” storm to make Florida landfall?
That was Alma in early June of 1966.
If that name sounds familiar its because it is.
Alma is the name of last week’s tropical storm that hit Central America last, and posed outside threat of reforming as a gender-bender into Author . Check out Kevin Deutsch’s Eye On The Storm Blog, courtesy of the Palm Beach Post, on that storm … and the storms to come. It’s an illuminating read.
More on Alma of 1966 later …
Also, click here to go to a hyperlinked-activated version of the above graph: from which you can click on the indivual dots to transport you to the Wikipedia page on that storm.
It’s a fun and easy way to brush up on Florida hurricane history, not to mention familiarize yourself with the names of Florida’s 67 counties.
Keep in mind that the graph only shows hurricane strength storms. That discludes many key rain-making storms.
I’ll have to figure out a way to add them.
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