Hydrologic chicken noodle soup

Do you or a close personal friend enjoy the Everglades?

If so the KOE-a-tron is for you!

S79 historyS77 historyS65E historyS308 historyS80 historyS10 historyS11 historyS12 historyL29 Culverts historyBCNP flow historyFaka Union flow historyPeace flow historyFisheating flow historyCaloosahatchee River Rosetta StoneSt Johns River flow historyS79 hydrographS77 hydrographS65E hydrographS308 hydrographS80 hydrographS10 hydrographS11 hydrographS12 hydrographL29 Culverts hydrographBCNP flow hydrographFaka Union flow hydrographPeach River hydrographFaka Union flow hydrographCal. Estuary hydrographSt Johns River hydrographLO history - by depthWCA1 history - by depthWCA2 history - by depthWCA3A history - by depthWCA3B history - by depthShark Slough history - by depthTaylor Slough history - by depthBig Cypress history - by depthCorkscrew history - by depthEToho history - by depthL Kissimee history - by depthL Istokpoga history - by depthLO history - by depthWCA1 history - by depthWCA2 history - by depthWCA3A history - by depthWCA3B history - by depthShark Slough history - by depth

Taylor Slough history - by depth

Big Cypress history - by depthCorkscrew history - by depthLO hydrographWCA1 hydrographWCA2 hydrographWCA3A hydrographWCA3B hydrographShark Slough hydrographTaylor Slough hydrographBig Cypress hydrographCorkscrew hydrographE Lake Toho hydrographL Kissimmee hydrographL Istokpoga hydrographCaloosahatchee rain historyKissimmee rain historyLake O rain historyMartin St Lucie rain historyWest Palm Beach rain historyWCA12 rain historyEAA rain historyWCA3 historyBroward rain historyMiami-Dade rain historyBig Cypress rain historyWest EAA rain historySWC rain historyUpper Kissimmee rain historyLower Kissimmee rain historyCaloosahatchee rain chartKissimmee rain chartLake O rain chartMartin St Lucie rain chartWest Palm rain chartWCA12 rain chartEAA rain chartWCA3 rain chartBroward rain chartMiami-Dade rain chartBig Cypress rain chartWest EAA rain chartSW Coast rain chartUpper Kissimmee rain chartLower Kissimmee rain chartCaloosahatchee cheat sheetLake cheat sheetGlades cheat sheetSwamp cheat sheetSFLwide rain chartSFLwide rain history

The KOE-a-tron is an interactive data portal intended to help Kissimmee-Okeechobee-Everglades (KOE) enthusiasts everywhere decipher what’s going on in the many and distant corners of the famed shallow flow system.

A colleague of mine once astutely pointed out how “data rich” we are in south Florida. With that in mind, the KOE-a-tron was constructed to (1) tap into a few of the most watched and longest running hydrologic data sets that we have available – courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey, South Florida Water Management District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, National Park Service (and others) – and (2) then serve it up into a unified visual framework that bypasses all that messy number crunching that constantly keeps us stuck at square one.

You’ll also see a few “super charts” highlighted by yellow stars.

They synthesize multiple basin-wide parameters (rainfall, stage, depth, discharge, etc.) into a single hydrograph.

The KOE-a-tron is years in the making, and – as are so many things – always a step or two away from being fully done. But you’ve got to sip from the broth if you want to get it one hundred percent right, whether it’s hydrologic data or chicken noodle soup …

Or as the case is here,

A little bit of both.

It’s there for you if you need it, week after week,
using the conveniently-located tab at the top of this journal.

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