Hydrologic “shoots and ladders”

The water cycle started off so simple:

Clouds formed, it rained, waters rose up and then out and flowed slow motion south toward the coast where it blended with the sea to form brackish water spawning grounds among the mangroves and marshes … and then all over again.

Somewhere along the line it got complicated.

We added 1,800 miles of canals, a couple thousand water control structures (both great and small), uncountable miles of road and a barrage of buildings (mostly along the coastal corridor close to the beach), and of course 6 million citizens who call south Florida home.

Now, people spend their professional lives scratching their heads trying to figure it out.

For every person who has ever had the answer, you can count another ten that says they “don’t,” or why the “can’t,” or how about going back to start and “trying again.”

Or in other words, “better luck next time.”

Not a bad fate if you’re a hydrologist …

Especially the sliding downstream part!

(Granted for each slide there’s an “uphill” climb.)

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