I canoe, can you?

Is the Turner River navigable?

That depends on how you define navigable.

Before you canoe the Turner River,
this could be a useful hydrograph to check out.

Click here to see the permanent link.

North of the bridge, its headwaters are choked with hydrilla and south of the bridge tailwaters become consumed by a mangrove maze. The former requires arduous paddle strokes and the latter means abandoning paddles altogether and monkey barring through the tunnels under the prop roots instead. Usually at some point in the summer water levels in the river are too high to comfortably squeeze through the mangrove tunnels (i.e. in the black zone on the hydrograph). And come spring river stage becomes too shallow to float a canoe. That’s shown as the orange and red zones on the hydrograph.  Two years ago (spring 2011) the river dropped deep into the red zone, i.e. the channel was dry, but last spring the  drydown was shorter and shallower.  As of today, however, water is just right for a paddle.

The mosquitoes aren’t even bad.

As for the river being called a river?

That depends on how you define river.

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