I used to live and travel in FL, so I’m somewhat f…

I used to live and travel in FL, so I’m somewhat familiar with the entire state, but hadn’t seen the Everglades in 10 years. And yes, I was in search of Old Florida – the one from my childhood – not the bankrupt, foreclosed, unsustainable, Jeb Bush, rabid carpetbagger development of New Florida.

If I ever make it back before expiring, at least I’ll know what areas to avoid and not waste time visiting areas that have become utterly unlivable. (This was a recon mission of sorts.)

The woman at the Naples Preserve was quite friendly, as was the one at the Key West Nature Preserve on Stock Island. I’d like to move to that area as Georgia remains completely unacceptable and I don’t care for cold weather; otherwise Cape Cod would be on the short list. Sorry I missed the presentation; I would have enjoyed the meet even though I am somewhat familiar with FL hydrology.

And yes, it was very dry! I was quite dissapointed that the cypress ponds in Tampa’s Lettuce Leaf Park were totally empty. They never did so while living in Tampa back in the late 90s, but it was an El Nino year – if that matters.

But the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary compensated for the dissapointment of other areas. I even saw a Ruddy Dagger Wing I haven’t seen since childhood. It started a bit slow, but finished up nicely.

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