I was in Daytona at the time, and a good friend of…

I was in Daytona at the time, and a good friend of mine was anchored on his sailboat just east of the Daytona Beach Main St. Pier at the time the wave came ashore. He said the group on board did not notice the wave, since they were in deep enough water, but the wave certainly swept up the shoreline late that night, all the way to the seawall. Many cars that were parked on the beach got washed up into the seawall, and the waves that night were only one to two feet, with no groundswells. The offshore geology there is such that an underwater landslide would push water eastbound, not towards the beach. The area of beach that the rogue wave impacted was less than a few miles, so a radius to impact point would roughly match with the boater’s account of the meteor impact. Why was it not a fireball???

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