If walls could speak

Does an old time photo hide as much as it reveals …

Or do the views just stay the same?

I came across this old time photo, taken around a hundred years ago, at the second floor entrance of the local museum.

That inspired me to retake the photo, at the same spot.

The red building in the middle – where the hotel is featured on the “black and white” – is the present-day museum. Here’s the view from its second floor window, (it’s the window next to the gutter facing left).

The crane in the window marks the spot on the map where this town came to life … so the museum walls would lead you believe, geologic specimens of which were featured in the museum, along with an old fashioned scale that weighed the rocks in kilograms.

The gentleman who opened the doors for us was multi-lingual, and an expert on the regions history.

He finished the story which the walls wouldn’t tell:

“The mine is no longer operational, not because the minerals are all gone,” he said, “but because there was too much water. The pumps eventually failed when they got too deep.”

Score another victory for water.

And here’s the view from the top of the hill where the crane is:

Nothing but rolling hay.

Somehow I can’t help but think that farms, not mines, are the true heart of this countryside …

Even if they didn’t make it onto the inside of walls of the museum.

Or is it trains instead.

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