In search of big rains

Collier County has been getting wetter over the past century. (See article)

In terms of getting water in the swamps, it’s the past few weeks that we worry about, which for certain I can say (just looking off the side of the road) have been wet.

The graph above doesn’t include today’s rain totals.

I update rainfalls once per week, and go figure. Usually just when I’m about done is when the sky always seems to open up and come down with an epic deluge. Sometimes I wonder if the rain gods aren’t watching!

Even so, I stick to my weekly ritual.

South Florida wide, we’re still waiting for our first Big Rain Day of the summer.

What exactly is a Big Rain Day? It’s one of those unwritten rules of thumb that humans so often like to construe as a way of distilling and simplifying the complex world in which we live. The idea of the Big Rain Day was first hatched by the meteorologists over in West Palm Beach. Technically they defined it as “any day that all of south Florida averages over 1 inch of rain.” Usually we can count on a few per year.

This year we’ve had 4 so far.

The only catch is that none of them have occurred this summer.

They all came during our unusually wet winter dry season instead.

That may change now that the tropical storms are starting to light up the satellite screen.

Or don’t I mean cloud up instead?

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