In wet season’s hands now

It wasn’t the driest dry season in recent memory,

But it wasn’t the wettest one either.

The above bar chart provides a comparison of this year’s weekly dry season rain pattern (top) to the previous five.  The wettest dry season in that period was the dry season of 2009-2010.  A prevailing El Niño kept fronts coming through on a steady clip that winter.  We may in store for a repeat next winter if similar El Niño conditions develop as anticipated.  Last dry season was particularly dry but ended on a wet note, which in turn got the wet season off to a fast and early start.  This most recent dry season was actually a bit below average for the Big Cypress.  The big question now is when and how fast the wet season will be able to start refilling the swamp.  Judging from the photos below, it has a lot of work to do.

For proof please review the photos below.

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