Incredible lightness of easterly breeze

Parts of February were so hot it felt like summer all over again.

That’s why the past few days have put me in a fall state of mind.

Looking east into Trade Winds: Can you see the gator trails?

Not that it’s been that cold – it hasn’t – rather with a steady wind blowing in from the East, being steered clockwise around a high pressure cell parked further north on the peninsula, the air is as dry and buoyant as can be.

Compare that to the dreaded “low pressure.”

Anybody with a gimpy knee or a bothersome back lays claim to carrying a crystal ball which like counter-clockwork can tell them exactly when a storm is passing through. Not that they are happy about it. The atmospheric low pressure systems know all the painful pressure points to press on everyone in town.

In a pine island looking out into a sunny day

Nature’s remedy is sending in high-altitude air descending down on the wings of an Easterly Breeze instead. It’s good for what ails you for whatever and wherever that ache may be.

Quite literally it has picked me off the ground these past few days …

Sort of like I’m walking on air.

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