Indian Summer invades north

Naples Summer may be long …

But at least we can count on it!

The warming trend allowed us, unbelievably, to swim

Let me explain:

Day after day, at least temperature wise, daytime highs and nighttime lows are predictably pretty much the same — highs in the low nineties and lows in the seventies.

Compare that to way up north on the continent.

Not only is it a shorter summer, it’s more variable as well.

Hard to believe mosquitoes were so thick so late in Fall …
Blame it on the spell of warm and wet weather!

Then there’s the curious case of the unexpected warming following after what, at first, appears to be the predictable post Labor Day cold-weather descent into fall.

I was up in Boston this past weekend to witness one first hand.

Was it Indian Summer?

Nobody seemed to know for sure, let alone what the exact definition of Indian Summer might be. The one thing everyone could agree on was thanking me, sarcastically, for bringing up the “warm and humid” weather from Florida.

This pond freezes over for ice hockey and skating in the winter …
but it was warm enough to swim in the pool at the top of the hill instead.

I‘m good, but not that good:

If only I could have reversed it on my return trip and brought down the cold soon-to-be arriving New England air to south Florida instead!

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