Intro to the Water Cycle Approach
A step by step guide

Everyone loves the water …

But how do you stay in rhythm with it?

Bob explains the water cycle approach

Answer: It’s called the water cycle approach. In a nutshell, the water cycle serves as proxy and/or handy complement to the seasons. That’s particularly important in south Florida because we don’t have the traditional winter, spring, summer and fall that they enjoy Up North. For one, we don’t have snow. Two, spring is a time of drought not flood. Three, our clouds move the wrong way. The list goes on.

Make no mistake: The water cycle approach works in all climes, and for any watershed. But it also makes sense that it was invented in the Big Cypress Swamp. Why? For one, it took a National Park Service hydrologist to incubate on and implement the idea. Who else has one foot in the water and one in the data as much as me? Two, the swamp has an intermittently hyperactive and dyspeptically dormant water regime. Feast and famine happens every year, without fail. It’s called the wet and dry season. If water is life, the water cycle is also part sport in south Florida.

In my opinion, the water cycle is even more enjoyable (and rewarding) to tune into than your favorite home team. Disclaimer: I am both a Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Miami Dolphins fan, although my hometown team and the team I love most is the Baltimore Colts.

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About Go Hydrology: We didn’t invent the water cycle, we make the water cycle better.

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