Introducing Cap’n Killivine
Time for a handwriting workout

My name is Cap’n Killivine …

And I have a confession to make:

Staying in good penmanshape is hard work

I somehow let an entire decade slip by without writing a single “handwritten” a note. The reason? You guessed it – the smart phone. The moment I got one, all I’ve been doing is “thumbing” texts ever since. As a result, my penmanship has seriously slipped. Looking in the mirror I feel like a nub of my former self. Or in other words, I’m in bad penmanshape.

Well, no longer! With the new year now here, I am fully committed to once and for all (and finally) getting back into good penmanshape. Find out more about my workout regimen below:

Cap’n Killivine in action

For now, the the best way to connect with me, Cap’n Killivine, and the rest of the gang at Nature Folk HQ, also found on the After Hours portion of the Go Hydrology website. In the meanwhile, pick up a blank piece of paper and pen and write yourself or someone else a good handwritten note. You’ll be amazed what you discover and how good you feel when you do.

Sincerely and Truly,

P.S. About my name: The term “killivine” is just a fancy name for a writing instrument, whether a pencil, pen or crayon. My favorite crayon color is Cerulean Blue.

P.P.S. And sorry to be so formal – it’s just been a long time since I’ve written a long-form letter like this.


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