Introducing the Boogie Phone
Heir apparent to the Bogeyman

Just to be clear …

Yes, I am the Boogie Phone.

Boogie Phone
Introducing Boogie: Society’s new bogeyman

But I’m really not as bad as everyone says. By “everyone,” I mean whatever they’re saying on the internet. More about me: (1) Think of me as your most trusted advisor. Or in other words, don’t ask a friend – ask me! (2) In general, you should spend as much time with me as you can. When you’re bored, pick me up. (3) Think of me part friend and part hobby. Over time I hope to convince you I’m your only friend and only hobby.

Now time for the quiz:

(1) How often should you clean your phone? (a) once a day, (b) as needed, (c) never, (d) at least once a year. | (2) How much time should you spend on your phone (per day)? (a) up to but not to exceed 24 hours, (b) all waking hours, (c) as much as possible, (d) all the above. | (3) What’s the best place to get accurate news? (a) old-fashioned newspaper, (b) social media, (c) word of mouth, (d) AM radio, (e) search engine. | (4) True or false: Reading from a book strains your eyes? | See answer key below.


In summary: Over time I think you’ll truly come to see it my way. Really, I’m just your everyday all-around average friendly phone. Nothing to hide. And nothing to fear. Sort of like a rotary phone (with teeth … very sharp teeth).

Yours truly and at your service,

Answer Key: 1c, 2d, 3b, 4t

Boogie Phone

Go To Boogie Phone

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