Introducing Water Drop

Who is Water Drop?

He’s just like any other old water drop. Or in other words – yes, he’s that special! You see, whether falling on Yellowstone National Park or landing on a city sidewalk, all drops are equal and part of the Great Water Cycle of Life.

How does the Water Cycle work?

For one, it’s a continual work in progress. That means whatever you saw today, don’t expect it to last. The water cycle is constantly changing and repeating itself. That’s where Water Drop comes in. Not just any “1/20th of a milliliter” globule, what Water Drop lacks in volumistic stature, he makes up for by wearing “many hats.

More about Water Drop:

He’s also the mascot of Go HydrologyGo Hydrology is a website/blog that celebrates and illuminates the water cycle. Yes, I’ll admit – Go Hydrology is a bit centric to south Florida and specifically the Big Cypress Swamp. But the thing about Water Drop, he gets around, too. Whether it’s discussing flows in the Mississippi River, Colorado River, or virtually anywhere else – Water drop is a big fan of keeping it clean, flowing and fresh. And maybe that summarizes best what Go Hydrology is all about.

Until next time, thank you for reading.

Let’s keep the water cycle conversation flowing.


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