Is winter still in play?

Deep freezes are a threat through February.

That being said I wouldn’t be too concerned.

The above chart shows the total number of winter days recorded in Naples, Florida from 1970 to present.  The past few winters have been mild compared to the historic average.

South Florida has only recorded 13 winter days so far this year.

By winter I mean any day that the daytime high didn’t rise above 70°.

The above calendar chart shows the history of cold days in Naples from 1940 to present.  Gray dots indicated any daytime high that didn’t rise above 70°. Green dots indicate any daytime high that didn’t rise above 60°. Red dots indicate any daytime high that didn’t rise above 50°.  Can you see the red dot in 2010? That’s the day that ice formed on the Tamiami Canal in Ochopee.

Even the winter days we did have weren’t frigid cold.  We’ve yet to have a day this winter that the daytime high dropped into the 50s.  Last year we had one such day.  The previous two years before that none.  Then there were the two years before that which were unusually cold.  Twelve days in the winter of 2010-11 didn’t rise above 60 degrees followed by 8 such days in the year that followed.

This year we’ll be lucky to get one.

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