Jellyfish of Paradise?

As inviting as this sign seems,

On its flip side lies its true purpose:

It’s a red tide alert.

For us here in Naples (Collier County),
the signs have actually been a bit of a good luck charm –

We haven’t had a beach-clearing Karenia brevis bloom since they got put up in 2006.

That’s makes it a green light that the coast is clear …
not that I am much of a shell collector.

(The ones I do find are mostly broken.)

The red tide sign is partly meant for tourists.

If you are a local you can click into the state’s red tide Website or call the Hotline (239-732-2591) instead. And more than likely your nose will detect what your eyes can’t see – a sweet smelling aerosol which after a short while starts to tickle the throat with a shallow cough.

Add in a strong west wind (or underlying respiratory problems) and the symptoms can get more severe.

But no worries …

The Shells of Paradise are on display, waters are warm (high 80s), and the waves a gentle ripple (less than a foot) …

Had I only known about the jellyfish!

That sign could use a third flap.

(Here’s an article featured in today’s edition of the Naples Daily News, by Eric Staats, on the recent invasion of “sea jellies.”)

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