“Jump in Lake” effect

How big was our Big Rain Day?

According to the chart below, the biggest since Fay.

Now it’s time to get ready for a long string
of Big Sun Days ahead!

They are the orange dots.

Meteorologists are calling it the biggest day of rain on the Kissimmee in a hundred years. see article As a result, Lake Okeechobee is expected jump two feet to around 13 ft above sea level in the coming weeks. That will still leave it three feet below the twenty-five year average for October, but still – beggars can’t be choosers …

It puts an extra half million acre feet in the Lake for the long dry season ahead.

The year of Fay (2008) is shown
as the yellow line.

You’ll remember that Fay raised the Lake a record 4 feet.

That’s because it rained directly on the Lake, not just the upstream watershed.

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