June-like fall?

Usually we think of June as the wet season …

And November as a dry season month.

November rain chart
for Big Cypress Nat’l Preserve,
1990 to present

But that’s only because of rainfall amounts.

June averages nearly 10 inches compared to less than two inches in November.  What makes them similar is the height of the water table.  June and November reliably have average water levels high enough to keep cypress domes full and the surrounding marl prairies mushy to a few inches of water. This is the rainiest November we’ve had in the Big Cypress going back a decade, but not as rainy as the 1998 during the early November dousing by Hurricane Mitch.  That rain event memorably turned what was a dry wet season into a suddenly wet fall.

I have a vague recollection of slogging through a giant puddle in downtown Naples as a result.

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