Kissimmee prairie

Isn’t there a saying out there that we all have a twin … somewhere?
For Big Cypress National Preserve it may very well be Kissimmee Prairie State Preserve.
It’s one of 161 Florida State Parks, and is located around 25 miles north of Lake Okeechobee.  Big Cypress National Preserve is about 25 miles from the Big Lake in the other direction — south, and is one of the National Park System’s 391 areas.
Both look a lot alike from what I saw, almost like twins.
The open vistas on the Kissimmee Prairie are very reminiscent of the wet prairies we have down in the Big Cypress.
Except I didn’t see as many cypress trees
The opening scene is of the Kissimmee River.  
It discharged around 1 million acre feet into Lake Okeechobee in 2008, as measured through the S65E structure.  That’s more than the past two years combined (2006 and 2007), but less than half the 2005 total of 2.25 million acre feet.
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