Known volumes

Not that anyone’s thinking about
freshwater flows into the Gulf these days…

Here’s a look at some of the numbers:

(Plugging the “oilcano” and trying to corral its plume,
plus tracking when and where the Loop will take it
has been the Gulf Coast’s front page news
since it started on April 20th.)

Calendar year to date,
The Mighty Mississippi has sent
200 million acre feet into the Gulf.

That’s 50 Lake Okeechobee volumes to you and me.

Compare that to the Apalachicola,
Florida’s biggest river which is running high
at 12 million acre feet so far this year.

Or in Okeechobee terms, about three.

Those two rivers both dwarf
South Florida’s flow king pin in comparison.

The Caloosahatchee has tallied
0.5 million acre feet to date …

Which is an unwelcome big flow spring for the coastal estuary.

Even more unwelcome is that oil …

Not that we know what its volume or flow rate and fate might be.

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