L-29 Canal in action
And S-334, S-356, S-333 and S-333N

Here’s a closer look

At the canal that feeds NE Shark River Slough.

Video of the canal from last week

More specifically, it’s not just a canal — there are four structures: The S-333, S-333N, S-334 and S-356. Or at least they are the four most immediate structures — located at the West and East ends of the 10 mile canal — which regulate the flow of water in and out of the pool of water that send water under the new bridges to Northeast Shark River Slough. I happened to be driving by and was curious myself, thus I stopped and took some photos and video. What really jumped out to me was how high the canal was filled. Waters have been steadily dropping in the Big Cypress Swamp for the past three months, well below their wet season peak. Meanwhile the L-29 is still in summer mode, and by design. The restoration plan to shift more water into Northeast Shark River Slough has been decades in the making, and a triumph to finally see.

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