Labor Day “in waiting”

Up north on the continent, Labor Day is the gateway into fall.

And one that can come on very quickly.

Case in point was last year in New England.

Bostonians were drudging through the dog days of summer with daytime highs climbing into the 90s. But just two weeks later daytime highs had plummeted twenty degrees to the 70° F mark.

Why the sudden drop?

The simple explanation is that it was Labor Day.

By comparison, Atlantans had to wait a month and a half longer to get their “New England” dose of Labor Day weather (i.e., a week of 70° F daytime highs), Tallahasseeans to the end of November, and Napletonians (that’s me) to the start of the new calendar year.

Or in other words, New Years.

By that time, daytime highs in Boston were “freezing” (in the low 30s) …

Labor Day being a distant “warm” memory.

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