Lake O reversal of flows

What a difference a regulation schedule makes …

Or do I mean year? (article 1, article 2)

This time last year S-77 was reverse flowing into Lake O
(even bigger reverse flows occurred in 2007 and 2008):

Fast forward 365 days to where we are today and the Lake has already let loose a quarter of a million acre feet of its water down into the Caloosahatchee.

All eyes – of course – are on what’s discharging farther downstream through the S-79.

Too much freshwater for too long (at the wrong seasonal twist of the calendar) runs the risk of throwing the estuary’s vital ecology out of balance,

Plus elevated nutrients and turbidity that comes with it …

Algae blooms lie in wait.

What percentage of S-79’s water comes from the Lake?

Here’s a look going back to the early 1980s.

To date, over a half million acre feet have been discharged though the S-79 since the start of the year.

While that may seem like a lot – the equivalent of 200 “Empire State Building” tall glasses – it could have been a lot worse: The major El Niño winters of 1983 and 1998 each sent nearly 2 million acre feet of water through the S-79 through the first 5 months of the calendar year.

Or in other words:

Half the Lake’s current volume.

(Click here to view S-79 historical discharges in detail.)

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