Lake O-ver the years

As you can see on the graph, back in 2007 and 2001 Lake stage held pretty steady for the month full month of June, at right around the 9 ft contour.

A big difference between those two years was the summer rebound: in 2001, Lake stage rose 6 ft by the end of the wet season, but in 2007, the rise was only 1 foot.

Do you remember 2004?

Lake stage climbed 5.5 ft in a 2.5 month period, topping out at the 18 ft mark, the same vertical mark reached in March of the 1983 and 1998 El Nino years.

As of Sunday, Lake stage was at around 9.5 ft, but its dropped about two-tenths since then.

That means the Lake isn’t too far from where it was in mid June of 2001 and 2007. After holding steady at around the 10 ft mark for 6 months straight from November 2007 through mid April, its been dropping steadily since late April.

Click the link to view Lake O’s full historic record, from 1930s to present, in an easy to read hydrologic calendar.

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