Lake releases to east coast

How do current releases through the S-80 compare to the historic record?

Here’s a look:

The S-80 is the coastal release point for sending freshwater into the St Lucie Estuary.

This spring (so far) appears as little more than a blip on the historical flow chart.

Only one week to date has averaged over 1,000 cfs for a full 7-day period. While that’s an increase from the past few springs, it barely registers as a trickle in the bucket compared to the mammoth spring releases of 1998, 1983 (both El Niños) and 1970.

Nor does it compare to the consecutive high flow summers of 2003 through 2005 when release rates consistently topped 4,000 cfs for weeks on end.

Of course they were the flows that knocked the estuary severally out of balance.

The focus today is trying to return the estuary back to ecological health.

Towards that end the US Army Corps of Engineers is working with stakeholders to keep requisite releases from Lake Okeechobee as low and temporary as possible ….

Weather permitting of course.

(Click here to see article.)

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