Lake takes high road

Lake Okeechobee did it:

500 days below 11 ft above sea level!

It seemed like a no brainer that it would make it to 500 just a couple weeks ago …

But talk about making it by a hare — and yes, that’s the correct spelling.

After two and a half years of The Tortoise leading the way across the water cycle, The Hare has burst back on the scene in a big way.

As of yesterday, the Lake was at 10.5 ft above sea level and rising.

At it’s current rate of rise, its days of under 11 ft are truly numbered.

I wouldn’t give 600 days a chance, let alone 510.

But as usual with the water cycle:

It’s another we’ll-have-to-wait-and-see.

But at least for now, the Lake appears to be taking the high road.

The Lake rebounded out of the 2001 drought by rising from 9 to 15 ft above sea level between late June and early November.

Compare that to 2007, when from the same starting point, the Lake took the low road, rising less that 1.5 ft between the same time span.

The Lake already has 2007 beat in that regard.

Which path will the Lake take from here?

That’s anyone’s guess, but at last peek, with the Kissimmee flowing in at over 2000 cfs, the Lake is on track to keep rising.

Photos were taken earlier this summer in eastern Belgium

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