Lake’s most memorable year?

We’re at that time of year …

When Lake O can start to rise.

This hydrograph shows current  stage  in Lake O
compared to recent and high water years of note

The Lake’s biggest and most rapid rise (4 ft) came following Fay (2008).

It’s effect was muted because the antecedent condition was so low (i.e. below 11 ft).

Isaac’s in 2012 was also memorable but rose stage in a relatively empty lake.

This calendar chart show the  full history  of water stage
in Lake Okeechobee from 1960 to present

More memorable for me was when 2004.

That’s when the Lake touched up at 18 ft and rose 6 feet in the wake of Charlie, Frances, and Jeanne.

As for 1998? That was an El NiƱo spring.

Interesting, too, but not memorable because I wasn’t here.

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