Landslide tie

Seventy percent is usually a landslide victory … especially when the other side scores “zero.”

While I won’t come right out and cry fraud, I will say it is “fraudulent thinking” to focus on the wrong numbers.

Case in point is air temperature in Phoenix, Arizona.

Last summer, 70 percent of its days pushed the mercury above the 100º F mark … with almost 15 percent of those topping 110º F.

Compare that to Naples Florida: not a single summer day rose to that extreme, and even more damning – only 0.5 percent hit the measly 95º F mark. (Phoenix summers best that mark almost 85 percent of the time.)

But don’t announce a winner quite yet!

The “Fahrenheit scale” only counts half the votes of “how hot it feels.” The other half is humidity, which – in the dubious claim of which town is hotter – Naples wins hands down.

The truth is the vote is “deadlocked” in a dead heat —

Both are “hot.”

But this isn’t a matter of whose numbers are right or wrong, its a matter of civic pride:

I’ll take humid days in the low 90s any day over the oven-dried 110 variety …

(Even if an Arizonian might see it differently).

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