Last day of winter Naples style

Yesterday was the last day of winter, if you can even call it that in south Florida. Below is a short video of beach dwellers at Naples Pier braving the final day of Winter.

By continental US standards, north Florida definitely experiences its fair share of winter cold. January and February night-time lows have been hovering down in the low 40s upstate in Tallahassee; that’s 20 degrees colder than the nights in Naples.
What exactly constitutes cold in Naples?
That would be 70 degrees; when daytime highs don’t heat up above 70 … brrrr, you know a cold snap has come through.

Truth be told that actually didn’t happen much this winter. It was a warm winter even by Naples standards.

You can get a quick overview of Florida’s Winter air temperatures in the chart below. It compares day- and night-time high temperatures up the coast from Naples to Boston.
Boston we feel for you! It’s been a long cold winter, but fear not, Spring blooms eternal and warmth is on the way.

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