Looking back on Eta
Last year's game changer

Today (or is it tomorrow) …

Marks the one-year anniversary of Eta.

Playlist of videos (i.e. plural) I took during Eta

You know it’s a Big Rain Day (BRD) if you pause a year later (even two, or three) to think back and reflect on its size and extent. Eta was a big as it was unexpected. All signs were pointing to an early and deep descent into winter drought. Not only did Eta give the swamp an extra boost, its bounty from Eta fell just as the regional evapotranspiration machine was shutting down. That gave the water staying power, too. Or rather, slow-flowing power. Where does water go when you get that much water in the swamp? Answer: Nowhere fast.

The storm reminded me of Hurricane Mitch back in 1998. It too instantly reset the swamp clock to peak sheet flow time. Actually, Mitch may have been the bigger of the two. But they are more similar than different and should go down as the twin November game-changing storms of note.

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